Mind-Body Practice Facilitator

Kulsoom K. Shah is a Chinese Medicine practitioner whose work centers around facilitating integration of the body, mind, and soul. She collaborates with MaskOutHate as a mind-body practices guide, and shares a common desire with our artist and designer collaborators to create safe, empowering space for folks to harness dialogue and creativity as a means of self expression and catharsis. The tools she uses are based in a belief that we can feel grounded and secure through understanding the nature of our minds and bodies, and giving ourselves the care and attention our souls crave. 

In her work, Kulsoom has found that BIPOC communities in the United States are underrepresented as both practitioners and recipients of Chinese Medicine. Having personally experienced the benefits of conscious movement and breathwork in her own journey of healing and self discovery, she is gifted in helping community workshop participants find a brief reprieve from the chaos of the world. She contributes mindfulness practices which can be taken into daily life for continued support, helping to create more self-awareness around the experience of masking so that folks can free themselves from any associated feelings of anxiety or fear.

Kulsoom practices and teaches Qi Gong in Salem, Oregon. You can learn more about her offerings, including remote health and wellness coaching sessions, at yinspring.com.